3 Things To Know When You Are Picking Out Carpet For Your Home

20 February 2015
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When you pick out carpet for your home, it is important to consider many factors that can affect the look and quality of it over the long run. Here are 3 things that you really need to think about before making a purchase.

Pad Weight

First, the padding under your carpet can greatly affect how comfortable it is to stand and sit on the ground. The traditional weight of a pad is about 3 pounds, but this is like walking on slightly padded cement because it does not have much substance.

If you want carpet that is comfortable and that provides support, you need an 8 pound pad or an 8 pound pad with a memory foam pad. The memory foam is especially gentle on your knees and joints, and it can make you feel more comfortable whether you are sitting or standing.

If you have a higher quality pad, then your carpet will not seem as stiff even if your carpet is not as high quality.

Carpet Color

The second factor to consider is the carpet color. This is a big factor because your carpet can look worn much more easily if the color is too light or gets matted down easily. 

Avoid light colors, such as cream and light tan because these colors show everything. Likewise, avoid super dark carpet because dark carpet will show lint and light colored fuzz. In addition, dark carpet can become faded easily from sunlight, and then your will have areas of your carpet that do not look the same anymore.

Instead, look for a mid-range color or a carpet that has multiple color specs that can camouflage anything that falls on the ground.

Carpet Style

Lastly, consider the carpet style because the style can look really fresh for a long time or easily dated. If you want something modern, then look for plush carpet that does not have super long fibers. Long fibers that you find in a shag carpet are not really practical because they attract a lot of dust and lint.

Also, the long fibers can get worn down easily so that they are not tightly woven. Instead, look for a super short fiber or for a medium fiber carpet that will not look super matted down and that can be easily groomed by vacuuming and carpet cleaning. 

By considering these 3 factors, you can easily select the right carpet style, color, and padding so that your carpet looks beautiful and feels comfortable. To learn more about carpet options, visit National Carpet Mill Outlet