Window Covering Tips For Small And Tiny Homes

6 March 2015
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Small and tiny homes are often graced with a lot of windows, which gives these otherwise small structures a sense of spaciousness. You don't want window coverings that compromise this. Instead, you need to find a simple, low-maintenance solution that can cover your windows while making the small space more livable.

Skip the Drapes

Drapes may seem like an inexpensive choice, but they aren't well-suited to small or tiny homes. These smaller houses often don't have air conditioning, which means the windows are open on warmer days. Even a small breeze can blow drapes inward, further minimizing your usable space while also becoming a nuisance.

Fixed window treatments that can withstand a breeze while still blocking some light are preferred. Consider plantation shutters or blinds, instead.

Optimize the Daylight – and the Darkness

Plenty of bright daylight helps a small space seem bigger. Shutters and blinds allow you to simply adjust the angle of the slats or louvers so you can allow in light without causing a glare. Set the slats so they are angled toward the ceiling if you don't want them open completely. This will direct light upward, where it will then reflect down and provide diffused light.

At night, privacy is the main concern, especially in a home that is small enough to view most of the interior from a single window. This is where shutters can really shine. These have built-in frames that set inside the window, so no light can leak in around the edges as it would with blinds. Once closed, very little light can make its way between the louvers.

Keep It Simple

One of the draws of a small or tiny home is the simplicity, so you don't want window coverings that will require ongoing maintenance. This is another failing of curtains – they get dusty and require frequent washing or vacuuming. Metal blinds can also pose a maintenance issue, because slats can easily become bent and damaged.

Blinds and plantation shutters made from wood or vinyl rarely suffer damage, and you can clean them quickly with just a damp cloth. Shutters can also swing open, so it's easier to wipe down the outside surface or wash the window.

Shutters are also a good choice for a tiny home because they add another layer of insulation over the window. Cold coming through the glass can make a small space seem chilled in winter, but closed shutters can block the cold out. Light-colored shutters will help the space seem open even when the shutters are closed.