Appropriate Staircase Railing Options For A Modern Home Remodeling Project

30 January 2016
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As you remodel your modern home, it is important for you to choose a new staircase railing that matches the house's architectural style. If you do not choose the proper style of railing, then the staircase will appear to be out-of-place in your home, instead of becoming an integral part of its style.

Some of the best staircase railing options for modern homes include:

  • curved metal railings
  • geometric wooden railings
  • recessed railings

Here is some information about each of these choices and why they are appropriate for installation in modern homes:

Curved Metal Railings

While a curved and ornate wooden staircase railing would look out-of-place in a modern home, a curved metal railing will create an appropriate focal point in your home. When installing a metal staircase railing in your home, you should stick to those with a matte finish. A matte finish keeps within the understated modern architectural style and will help the railing blend into the room. A high-gloss railing will give an institutional look, instead of the softer look that a modern home needs, so they should be avoided.

Geometric Wooden Railings

If your modern home has a lot of solid-wood trim and paneling, then a wooden staircase railing will fit in well with the overall look of your home. By installing the wood in a geometric pattern with thicker slats, you can bring people's eyes to the railing. If you would prefer the railing to fade into the background paneling, then you should install a railing with thin slats and an oversized handrail section.

Recessed Railings

If your home's staircase has a sheetrock wall where you can install a railing, then a recessed railing is a classic modern touch. Hiding the railing within the wall will make it blend into the background. If you would prefer the staircase railing to be more of a focal point, then you can install wood planks on the outside of the recessed area.

Recessed railings are ideal for use in homes with children and people in wheelchairs who can have issues with running into protruding railings and injuring themselves.


As you can see, choosing new staircase railings that complement your home's modern architectural style is essential. With the above information in mind, you can work with your licensed building contractor to ensure that your new staircase railings look amazing in your modern home when your remodeling project is completed. To see examples in real life, visit a business such as the Stair Case and Railing Store.