Are You Decorating A Bathroom With A Nautical Theme?

4 October 2017
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Do you enjoy decorating your own home? You might be a person who doesn't want a professional decorator working on the rooms or your home, as you want your own personality or the personality of your family members to stand out. After all, who knows your family better than you do? For example, you might have a love for anything that has to do with anything nautical. If you are decorating a bathroom with a nautical theme, you are in for some extremely fun shopping and planning. From planning the wall treatment to selecting the right bath towels, here are some ideas on how to create a bathroom with a nautical theme that will be unique and attractive:

The Walls - 

  • Consider wallpaper that looks like worn wooden planking.
  • Add a wallpaper border that includes things like sailboats or lighthouses in the design.
  • Another idea is to faux paint the walls to make them look like water.
  • Consider having a nautical-themed mural on one of the walls. 

As you plan your wall treatment, think of things you would see at the beach or at a lake. For example, if you paint your walls, consider using light turquoise or baby blue as your base color. Then accent the paint with a stencil of things like shells, seahorses, lighthouses, or sailboats.

The Decor -

  • Use pictures of your family while at the beach or at a lake.
  • Look for posters of famous beaches for your walls.
  • Frame the pictures or posters in rustic wooden frames.
  • Look for metal or wooden art that depicts this like sailboats, seagulls, and lighthouses.

Consider doing groupings on the walls. For example, framed pictures of your children making a sand castle grouped with a metal lighthouse and a wooden sailboat would be very attractive.

Choose bath towels that have a beach theme, too. For example, select towels in colors that you would find in a lake or beach setting. Tans, light green and blue would all be among colors that lend themselves to nature. Find bath towels that are accented with things like boats, sea shells, or fish. Display the bath towels on hooks that have a nautical theme, too. For example, brass anchors or pewter seashells would be a great way to display bath towels that have a nautical feeling to them. Think about buying hand towels and washcloths that match your towels.

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