Design Ideas For Your Pediatric Dentist Office

3 December 2018
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When designing your pediatric dental practice, you need to consider things like function and effectiveness for providing treatment. However, you also need to consider your audience. Interior design services can help you to create a space that is exciting and welcoming for children. Here are some design ideas that can help your dental practice come to life. 

1. Set a cohesive theme to tie the design together.

First, you need to choose a design theme. This will help make choosing furniture and toys simpler because you can look for things in your chosen theme. For example, you might make your office a jungle theme. Then you know you need seats with green, yellow, or even animal print upholstery. You might add large plants into the waiting room, and you would choose a carpet with a leaf print or a print with animal paw prints. You could also hang some jungle vines from the ceiling.

Other kid-friendly designs include a farm theme, a space theme, a LEGO theme, or even a fairytale theme. Let your imagination flow. 

2. Make sure you add seating for parents. 

When designing rooms and areas for kids, make sure you recognize that kids come with their parents. Have an extra chair in procedure rooms for parents to sit, and design a room for nursing mothers to calm their babies and toddlers after a procedure. 

3. Create an interactive waiting room.

You can have toys in your waiting room, but if you are clever with design, you can make the waiting room even more exciting for patients. For example, with the jungle-themed waiting room, you might have a panel with different synthetic textures (rhino skin, jaguar pelt, alligator skin, etc.) for younger patients to feel. You could even have a small vine swing and an interior slide for kids to play on over a rubber floor. 

4. Make furniture and counters kid-friendly and accessible for people with disabilities. 

When kids need to spit out a rinse or brush their teeth with a fluoride treatment, you should provide a counter and sink at an accessible height for children. Because pediatric dentists see patients with disabilities more than a general dentist would, you want to also design places where wheelchairs can go and couches in a quiet room for children who have sensory processing disorders. 

With the help of an interior designer, such as those at Interior Design Consultation Services, your practice can make going to the dentist a great experience for children.